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Lista coduri produse Bender

Denumire produs Cod produs
107TD47 AC0-264V / US: AC230V A-ISOM. ES B92016008
107TD47 AC0-264V / US: AC230V A-ISOM. TR B92016005
107TD47 AC0-264V / US: AC230V A-ISOMETE B92016003
107TD47 Ran:5-500K /AC0-264V /US: AC230V B92016006
107TD47-133 AC0-264V / US:AC127V A-ISOM. B92016004
107TD47-133 AC0-264V/US:AC127V A-ISOM. E B92016009
107TL47 AC230V A-ISOMETER B922178
7204-1121 1,2K-Measuring Instrument B986803
7204-1311 28K-Measuring Instrument B986755
7204-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986763
7204-1425 120K-Measuring Instrument B986843
7204-1621 1,2M-Measuring Instrument B986700
7204-1721 2,8 MOHM-Measuring Instrument B986837
7204-4241 0-100% Measuring Instrument B986805
7204S-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986804
7204S-1423 120K-Measuring Instrument B986830
7204S-1431 120K-Measuring Instrument B986802
7220-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986844
7220S-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986848
9601G-1411 120K-Measuring Instrument B986769
9604-1121 1,2K-Measuring Instrument B986789
9604-1221 12K-Measuring Instrument B986801
9604-1311 28K-Measuring Instrument B986753
9604-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986764
9604-1621 1,2M External Analog Meter B986782
9604-4241 0-100% Measuring Instrument B986807
9604S-1311 28K-Measuring Instrument B986706
9604S-1312 28K-Measuring Instrument B986715
9604S-1421 120K Analog Meter B986784
9604S-1721 2,8MOHM-Measuring Instrument B986815
9620-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986841
9620-1721 2,8 MOHM-Measuring Instrument B986849
9620S-1421 120K-Measuring Instrument B986842
AB2 ADAPTER FR PSA-Measuring Clamp B911760
Adapt. Cable EDS195P WF-CT B91082045
Adapter for DIN rail TS35 B98060010
AF460-2 AC 1 kHz 160 mA B97022021
AG150 3AC 0-660V B981001
AG150T 3AC 0-660V B981001T
AG410 3AC 50/60 Hz 0...1000 V B97022022
AGE185 AC45...400Hz 500-790V/DC400-960V B980305
AGE470 AC45...400Hz 500-790/DC400-960V B98018002
AGH150W AC 0-1150 V, DC 0-1100 V B915576
AGH150W-4 AC 0-1150 V, DC 0-1760 V B98018006
AGH204S-4 3AC 50-400Hz 0-1650V B914013
AGH251S AC 0-1,1KV/50HZ-10KHZ B915578
AGH420 AC 0...690 V, DC 0...1000 V B78039030
AGH420 AC 0...690 V, DC 0...1000 V B98039030
AGH421 AC 0...690 V, DC 0...1000 V B78039031
AGH505-1000 3AC50...60Hz 800...1200V B98018004
AGH505-500 3AC50...60Hz 400...600V B98018005
AGH505-690 3AC50...60Hz 600...800V B98018010
AGH505S 3AC0-1000V B914568
AGH507S AC 0-2500V B915570
AGH520S AC0-7200V/50-400Hz B913033
AGH575S-6 AC0-460Hz/DC 0-3,6KV B913053
AGH675S-7-2000 AC0-460HZ/DC 0-7,2KV B913061
AGH675S-7-500 AC0-460HZ/DC 0-7,2KV B913060
AGH675S-7-500G AC0-460HZ/DC 0-7,2KV B913059
AGH675S-7MV15-500 AC0-460Hz/DC 0-15,5KV B913058
AGH676S-4 AC50..460Hz 0..12KV B913055
AGH-LR-3 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-1100V B98039022W
AGH-PV-3 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-1100V B98039020W
AK7000-6 AC/DC3kV/US:DC24V COUPLING- B98039005
AKS470 AC/3AC1000V B98039001
AKS470-1 AC/3AC1000V B98039025
AN110-1 DC18...72V AC 50-400Hz 20...60V B94053101
AN110-2 DC 100-353V AC 50-60Hz 100-240V B94053102
AN111 AC400 V/ DC24 V/ 1A B94053103
AN1901 Energy Store B980165
AN1901-2 Energy Store B980647
AN1902 Energy Store B980624
AN1902-1 Energy Store B980644
AN1902-2 Energy Store B980645
AN1904 Energy Store B980170
AN410 DC120..370V/AC 47..63Hz 90..264V B924209
AN420-2 AC/DC 90-240V +/-12V B74053100
AN420-2 AC/DC 90-240V +/-12V B94053100
AN450 AC50-60Hz 230V / AC 20V B924201
AN450-133 CONVERTER AC50-60HZ 127V B924203
ATICS2/BP/MK2430/EDS151/COM465-DEMO-CASE B98300009
ATICS-2-63A-DIO B92057212
ATICS-2-63A-ISO B92057202
ATICS-2-63A-ISO-400 B92057204
ATICS-2-80A-DIO B92057213
ATICS-2-80A-ISO B92057203
ATICS-2-80A-ISO-400 B92057205
ATICS-4-125A-DIO B92057223
ATICS-4-160A-DIO B92057224
ATICS-4-80A-DIO B92057222
ATICS-BP-3-63A SINGLE B92057256
ATICS-BP-3-63A-SET B92057252
ATICS-BP-3-80A SINGLE B92057257
ATICS-BP-3-80A-SET B92057253
ATICS-BP-4-125A-SET B92057262
ATICS-BP-4-80A-SET B92057260
ATICS-HK Auxiliary Contact fr ATICS B92057258
BB-Bus 4TE Connector B98110002
BB-Bus 6TE Connector B98110001
BG12 AC/DC 24V Control Panel B984729
BG12 AC 230V Control Panel B984730
BG12 AC 400V Control Panel B984719
BG12 AC 500V Control Panel B97022024
BG12-1 DC 24V B97022023
BR800-1 Blind Frame /MK800 silver B95100111
BR800-2 Blind Frame for+B1358 MK800, WEISS B95100112
CD1000 Coupling Unit for RC48N B98039010
CD470-1 Coupling Unit B98039026
CD5000 Coupling Unit for RC48N B98039011
CMD420-D-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...1 A B93060006
CMD420-D-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...1 A B73060006
CMD420-D-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...1 A B73060007
CMD420-D-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...1 A B93060007
CMD420-DM-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...1 A B73060010
CMD420-DM-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...1 A B93060010
CMD420-DM-2 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...1 A B73060011
CMD420-DM-2 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...1 A B93060011
CMD421-D-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,5...5 A B73060008
CMD421-D-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,5...5 A B93060008
CMD421-D-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,5...5 A B73060009
CMD421-D-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,5...5 A B93060009
CMD421-DM-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,5...5 A B73060012
CMD421-DM-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,5...5 A B93060012
CMD421-DM-2 AC 42...460 Hz 0,5...5 A B73060013
CMD421-DM-2 AC 42...460 Hz 0,5...5 A B93060013
CMD421-DW-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,5...5 A B93060009W
CME420-D-1 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...12 A B73060001
CME420-D-1 AC 42...460HZ 0,1...16 A B93060001
CME420-D-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...12 A B73060002
CME420-D-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...16 A B93060002
CME420-DM-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...12 A B73060003
CME420-DM-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...16 A B93060003
CME420-DM-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...12 A B73060004
CME420-DM-2 AC 42...460Hz 0,1...16 A B93060004
CME420-DW-1 AC 42...460 Hz 0,1...16 A B93060001W
CME420-DW-2 AC 42...460HZ 0,1...16 A B93060002W
CMS460-D-1 AC 42..2000Hz 100mA...125A B94053017
CMS460-D-2 AC 42..2000Hz 100mA...125A B94053018
CMS460-D4-2 3AC Load Monitor B94053030
COM462RTU BMS-Modbus RTU-GATEWAY B95061022
COM465 Mechanical Accessory B95061902
COM465DP-230V B95061060
COM465DP-24V B95061061
COM465IP-230V B95061065
COM465IP-24V B95061066
CP700/PEM575/RCMS460 DEMO-CASE B98300012
CSG140 DC 0,1-1A/4A B943614
CSG140 DC 0,1-1A/4A B943627
CSG140 DC 0,5- 5A/12A B943606
CSG140 DC 0,5-5A/12A B943613
CSG140 DC 0,5-5A/12A B943626
CSG140 DC 0,5-5mA/2-20mA B943601
CSG140 DC 0,5-5mA/2-20mA B943616
CSG140 DC 1 -10A/12A B943604
CSG140 DC 6-60mV/50-500mV B943608
CSG140 DC 6-60mV/50-500mV B943611
CSG140 DC 6-60mV/50-500mV B943621
CSG140 DC0,5-5mA/2-20mA B943625
CSG141 DC 0,5- 5A/12A B943605
CSG141 DC 0,5-5mA/2-20mA B943602
CSG141 DC 0,5-5mA/2-20mA B943612
CSG141 DC 1 -10A/12A B943603
CSG141 DC 1-10A/12A B943618
CSG141 DC 6-60mV/50-500mV B943607
CSG141 DC 6-60mV/50-500mV B943251
CSG141 DC 6-60mV/50-500mV B943624
CSG141 DC0,5-5A/12A B943351
CT-M105 Current Transformer B911778
CT-M70 Current Transformer B911777
CV460 Cable Break Monitoring for UMC107D. B92047004
DC470-2 Coupling Unit B98039027
DI-1DL RS485-Repeater B95012047
DI-1PSM RS485-Repeater B95012044
DI-2 Interface Converter RS485/RS232 B95012022
DI-2 USB Interface Converter B95012045
DI-3-SET Interface Converter Set B95012028
DI400-11 Protocol Converter B95100113
DI400-12 Protocol Converter B95100114
DI-750-830 Protocol Converter B95012046
DS0107/10000 10kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924672
DS0107/10000 10kVA 3AC415/3NAC230V B924732
DS0107/10000LG 10kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924679
DS0107/10000SK2 10kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924678
DS0107/2000 2kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924694
DS0107/3150 3,15KVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924106
DS0107/4000 4kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924121
DS0107/4000-2 4,0 KVA, 3AC400/3NAC230V B924647
DS0107/4000SK2 4kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924123
DS0107/5000 5kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924112
DS0107/5000-2 5,0 kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924648
DS0107/5000SK2 5kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924124
DS0107/6300 6,3KVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924107
DS0107/6300-230/230 6,3KVA B924116
DS0107/6300LG 6,3kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924661
DS0107/8000 8kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924628
DS0107/8000-2 8,0KVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924650
DS0107/8000LG 8kVA 3AC400/3NAC230V B924662
DS710/25000 25kVA 3NAC400/3NAC400V-YNYN0 B924736
E6S End Link B94013006
E6S-T End Link B94013007
EDS150 5mA B91080103
EDS151 0,5mA B91080101
EDS151-PR 0,5mA B91080102
EDS195P 0,2...10mA, AC 5mA...10A B91082040
EDS195PM 0,2...10mA, AC 5mA...10A B91082041
EDS3090 for Main Circuit B91082026
EDS3090PG AC20-575V/DC20-504V B91082021
EDS3090PG-13 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B91082022
EDS3091 for Control Current B91082027
EDS3091PG AC20-265V/DC20-308V B91082023
EDS3091PG-13 AC20-265V/DC20-308V B91082024
EDS3092PG AC20-265/575V/DC20-308/504V B91082030
EDS3096EV AC0-575V/DC0-504V B91082033
EDS3096PG AC0-575V/DC0-504V B91082025
EDS3096PG-13 AC0-575V/DC0-504V B91082029
EDS3096PGM AC0-575V/DC0-504V B91082032
EDS3096PV AC0-575V/DC0-504V B91082031
EDS440-D-4 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080203
EDS440-L-4 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080202
EDS440-S-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080201
EDS440W-L-4 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080202W
EDS440W-S-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080201W
EDS441-D-4 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080206
EDS441-L-4 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080205
EDS441-LAB-4 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080207
EDS441-S-1 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080204
EDS441W-L-4 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080205W
EDS441W-LAB-4 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080207W
EDS441W-S-1 0,2...1mA, AC 2mA...1A B91080204W
EDS44x Mechanical Accessory B91080903
EDS44x-L Plug Kit PushIn B91080902
EDS44x-L Plug Kit Screw B91080901
EDS44x-S Plug Kit Screq B91080904
EDS460/IRDH575/COM460IP-DEMO-CASE B98300001
EDS460/IRDH575-DEMO-CASE B98300004
EDS460-D-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080001
EDS460-D-2 2...10MA, AC 100MA...10A B91080002
EDS460-DG-1 2...10mA, AC 20mA...2A B91080018
EDS460-DG-2 2...10mA, AC 20mA...2A B91080019
EDS460-DGW-1 2...10mA, AC 20mA...2A B91080018W
EDS460-DGW-2 2...10mA, AC 20mA...2A B91080019W
EDS460-DW-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080001W
EDS460-DW-2 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080002W
EDS460-L-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080003
EDS460-L-2 2...10MA, AC 100MA...10A B91080004
EDS460-LW-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080003W
EDS460-LW-2 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080004W
EDS461-D-1 0,2...1MA, AC 10MA...1A B91080005
EDS461-D-2 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080006
EDS461-DW-1 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080005W
EDS461-L-1 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080007
EDS461-L-2 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080008
EDS461-LW-1 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080007W
EDS461-LW-2 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080008W
EDS490-D-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080009
EDS490-D-2 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080010
EDS490-DW-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080009W
EDS490-DW-2 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080010W
EDS490-L-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080011
EDS490-L-2 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080012
EDS490-LW-1 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080011W
EDS490-LW-2 2...10mA, AC 100mA...10A B91080012W
EDS491-D-1 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080013
EDS491-D-2 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080014
EDS491-L-1 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080015
EDS491-L-2 0,2...1mA, AC 10mA...1A B91080016
Energy Meter 1ph./32A MID Modbus RTU B93101005
Energy Meter 3ph./65A MID Modbus RTU B93101006
Energy Meter 3ph./6A MID Modbus RTU B93101007
ES0107/Temperature Sensor B924186
ES258 DC Energy Store B93010068
ES710/10000 10kVA AC230/230V B924216
ES710/10000-1 10kVA AC400/230V B924254
ES710/10000-8 10kVA AC208/120V B924274
ES710/10000-E 10kVA AC230/230V B92090106
ES710/10000LG 10kVA AC230/230V B924236
ES710/10000S 10kVA AC220/220V B924292
ES710/10000S 10kVA AC230/230V B924266
ES710/10000S-E 10kVA AC230/230V B92090116
ES710/10000S-GL 10kVA AC230/230V B92090066
ES710/1600S 1,6kVA AC230/230V B924275
ES710/2000 2kVA AC230/230V B924210
ES710/2000LG 2kVA AC230/230V B924230
ES710/2500 2,5kVA AC230/230V B924276
ES710/3150 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924211
ES710/3150-1 3,15kVA AC400/230V B924253
ES710/3150-2 3,15KVA AC230/230V B924641
ES710/3150-8 3,15kVA AC208/120V B924272
ES710/3150-E 3,15kVA AC230/230V B92090101
ES710/3150K 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924221
ES710/3150LG 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924231
ES710/3150S 3,15KVA AC220/110V B924304
ES710/3150S 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924261
ES710/3150S-E 3,15kVA AC230/230V B92090111
ES710/3150S-GL 3,15kVA AC230/230V B92090061
ES710/3150SK2 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924241
ES710/3150SN 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924341
ES710/4000 4kVA AC230/230V B924212
ES710/4000-1 4kVA AC400/230V B924206
ES710/4000-2 4KVA AC230/230V B924642
ES710/4000-E 4kVA AC230/230V B92090102
ES710/4000LG 4kVA AC230/230V B924232
ES710/4000LG-1 4kVA AC400/230V B924299
ES710/4000S 4kVA AC220/110V B924288
ES710/4000S 4kVA AC230/230V B924262
ES710/4000S-2 4KVA AC230/230V B924718
ES710/4000S-E 4kVA AC230/230V B92090112
ES710/4000S-GL 4kVA AC230/230V B92090062
ES710/4000SK2 4kVA AC230/230V B924242
ES710/4000SN 4kVA AC230/230V B924342
ES710/5000 5kVA AC208/220V B924317
ES710/5000 5kVA AC220/220V B924309
ES710/5000 5kVA AC230/230V B924213
ES710/5000-1 5kVA AC400/230V B924199
ES710/5000-1SK2 5kVA AC400/230V B924319
ES710/5000-2 5KVA AC230/230V B924643
ES710/5000-8 5KVA AC208/120V B924713
ES710/5000-E 5kVA AC230/230V B92090103
ES710/5000K 5kVA AC230/230V B924223
ES710/5000LG 5kVA AC230/230V B924233
ES710/5000LG-9 5kVA AC120/120V B924277
ES710/5000S 5kVA AC110/110V B924337
ES710/5000S 5KVA AC220/110V B924286
ES710/5000S 5kVA AC220/220V B924285
ES710/5000S 5kVA AC230/115V B924307
ES710/5000S 5kVA AC230/230V B924263
ES710/5000S-2 5KVA AC230/230V B924719
ES710/5000S-E 5kVA AC230/230V B92090113
ES710/5000S-GL 5kVA AC230/230V B92090063
ES710/5000SK2 5kVA AC230/230V B924243
ES710/5000SN 5kVA AC230/230V B924343
ES710/6300 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924214
ES710/6300-1 6,3kVA AC400/230V B924207
ES710/6300-2 6,3KVA AC230/230V B924644
ES710/6300-8 6,3KVA AC208/120V B924734
ES710/6300-E 6,3kVA AC230/230V B92090104
ES710/6300K 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924224
ES710/6300LG 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924234
ES710/6300LG 6,3kVA AC400/230V B924296
ES710/6300S 6,3kVA AC220/220V B924297
ES710/6300S 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924264
ES710/6300S-1 6,3kVA AC400/230V B924316
ES710/6300S-2 6,3KVA AC230/230V B924720
ES710/6300S-E 6,3kVA AC230/230V B92090114
ES710/6300S-GL 6,3kVA AC230/230V B92090064
ES710/6300SK2 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924244
ES710/6300SN 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924344
ES710/8000 8kVA AC208/220V B924318
ES710/8000 8kVA AC208/230V B924298
ES710/8000 8kVA AC220/220V B924310
ES710/8000 8kVA AC230/230V B924215
ES710/8000-1 8kVA AC400/230V B924200
ES710/8000-2 8kVA AC240/240V B924294
ES710/8000-2 8KVA AC230/230V B924645
ES710/8000-208/208V B924281
ES710/8000-E 8kVA AC230/230V B92090105
ES710/8000K 8kVA AC230/230V B924225
ES710/8000LG 8kVA AC230/230V B924235
ES710/8000LG 8kVA AC400/230V B924730
ES710/8000S 8kVA AC220/220V B924291
ES710/8000S 8kVA AC230/110V B924339
ES710/8000S 8kVA AC230/115V B924308
ES710/8000S 8kVA AC230/120V B924305
ES710/8000S 8kVA AC230/230V B924265
ES710/8000S-E 8kVA AC230/230V B92090115
ES710/8000S-GL 8kVA AC230/230V B92090065
ES710/8000SK2 8kVA AC230/230V B924245
ES710/8000SN 8kVA AC230/230V B924345
ESL0107/1000 1kVA AC230/23-28V B924639
ESL0107/120 120VA AC230/23-28V B924632
ESL0107/160 160VA AC230/23-28V B924633
ESL0107/280 280VA AC230/23-28V B924634
ESL0107/300 300VA AC230/23-28V B924197
ESL0107/400 400VA AC230/23-28V B924637
ESL0107/630 630VA AC230/23-28V B924638
ESL0107-0 Transformer for Operating Theatre Lights B924204
ET710/3150S 3,15kVA AC230/230V B924803
ET710/6300S 6,3kVA AC230/230V B924809
EV22S End Link B984800
Flush-mounting Housing MK2401/-02/-10/-20 B923709
Flush-mounting Housing MK2430 B923710
FP200 B91067904
FP200 Adapter for 144x96 B91067905
FP200 Connector Cable 5 m B91067906
FP200 Set Fixing Clips B91067907
FP200W B91067904W
Front Cover-144x72mm-TRANSPARENT B98060005
Front Cover-144x96mm-TRANSPARENT B98060007
Front Cover-96x96mm-TRANSPARENT B98060009
Front Seal-144 x 96 mm B98060006
GM420-D-1 0,1...100 Ohm B73082001
GM420-D-1 0,1...100 Ohm B93082001
GM420-D-2 0,1...100 Ohm B73082002
GM420-D-2 0,1...100 Ohm B93082002
GM420-DW-1 0,1...100 Ohm B93082001W
GM420-DW-2 0,1...100 Ohm B73082002W
GM420-DW-2 0,1...100 Ohm B93082002W
HW135 High-voltage Monitor B984620
HW135-1 High-voltage Monitor B984597
IR123P-4-2 AC22-460Hz 100-300V B91016308
IR125-5921DB DC16,8-72V R-ALARM: 30KOHM B91023011
IR125-5921DB DC16,8-72V R-ALARM: 50KOHM B91023010
IR125Y-2 DC9,6-100V B91023013
IR125Y-4 DC19,2-308V, AC 19,2 ... 265 V B91023005
IR125Y-426 UC9,6-138V B91023012
IR125Y-47 DC19,2-308V AC19,2-265V B91023014
IR125Y-495 DC19,2...308V B91023006
IR125YW-2 DC9,6-100V B91023013W
IR125YW-4 DC19,2-308V B91023005W
IR155-32 Connection Kit B91068501
IR155-3203 DC 0...1000 V B91068138CV4
IR155-3203 DC 0...1000 V B91068138V4
IR155-3204 DC 0...1000 V B91068139CV4
IR155-3204 DC 0...1000 V B91068139V4
IR155-3210 DC 0...800 V B91068140CV4
IR155-3210 DC 0...800 V B91068140V4
IR155-42...Connection Kit B91068502
IR155-4203 DC 0...1000 V B91068141
IR155-4203 DC 0...1000 V B91068141C
IR155-4204 DC 0...1000 V B91068142
IR155-4204 DC 0...1000 V B91068142C
IR155-4210 DC 0...800 V B91068143
IR155-4210 DC 0800 V B91068143C
IR155-F1MB DC 0...800V B91068130
IR155-Mounting Kit B91068500
IR1570-434 AC/3(N)AC0-480V B91044002
IR1570-435 AC/3(N)AC0-480V B91044000
IR1570W-435 AC/3(N)AC0-480V B91044000W
IR1575-434 3(N)AC/DC0-480V B91064003
IR1575-435 3(N)AC/DC0-480V B91064000
IR1575H-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-575V B91064005
IR1575PG1-434 3(N)AC/DC20-480V B91064004
IR1575PG1-435 3(N)AC/DC20-480V B91064002
IR1575PG1W-434 3(N)AC/DC20-480V B91064004W
IR1575PG1W-435 3(N)AC/DC20-480V B91064002W
IR1575W-435 3(N)AC/DC0-480V B91064000W
IR207L AC0-1000V/DC 10,5-80V B913352
IR207L AC0-1000/AC230/400/690V B913588
IR207L AC0-1000V/AC42/110/230V B913037
IR207LZ 3AC0-1000V B913035
IR207RLZ 3AC0-1000V B913046
IR420-D4-1 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B71016409
IR420-D4-1 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B91016409
IR420-D4-2 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B71016405
IR420-D4-2 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B91016405
IR420-D4M1C-2 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B71016420
IR420-D4W-1 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B71016409W
IR420-D4W-1 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B91016409W
IR420-D4W-2 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B71016405W
IR420-D4W-2 AC42...460Hz 0-300V B91016405W
IR420-D6-1 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016415
IR420-D6-1 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B91016415
IR420-D6-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016407
IR420-D6-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B91016407
IR420-D64-2 (FR AGH676S-4) B91016408
IR420-D6CBW-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016419W
IR420-D6M-1 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016417
IR420-D6M-1 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B91016417
IR420-D6M1CW-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B91016418W
IR420-D6M-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016416
IR420-D6M-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B91016416
IR420-D6W-1 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016415W
IR420-D6W-1 AC42...460HZ 0...480V B91016415W
IR420-D6W-2 AC42...460Hz 0...480V B71016407W
IR420-D6W-2 AC42...460HZ 0...480V B91016407W
IR423-D4-1 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B71016304
IR423-D4-1 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B91016304
IR423-D4-2 AC30-460HZ 0-300V B71016305
IR423-D4-2 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B91016305
IR423-D43-2 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B71016306
IR423-D43-2 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B91016306
IR423-D43W-2 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B71016306W
IR423-D43W-2 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B91016306W
IR423-D44W-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71016309W
IR423-D44W-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91016309W
IR423-D493-2 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B71016310
IR423-D4W-1 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B71016304W
IR423-D4W-1 AC30-460Hz 0-300V B91016304W
IR423-D4W-2 AC30-460 Hz 0-300V B71016305W
IR423-D4W-2 AC30-460 Hz 0-300V B91016305W
IR425-D4-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036403
IR425-D4-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036403
IR425-D4-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036402
IR425-D4-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036402
IR425-D472-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036414
IR425-D472-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036415
IR425-D49W-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036420W
IR425-D4M-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036416
IR425-D4M1C-1 DC/AC15..460 Hz 0...300V B91036411
IR425-D4M1C-2 DC/AC 15-460 Hz 0-300V B91036413
IR425-D4M1CW-1 DC/AC15..460 Hz 0...300V B91036411W
IR425-D4M1CW-2 DC/AC 15-460 Hz 0-300V B91036413W
IR425-D4M-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036410
IR425-D4M-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036410
IR425-D4W-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036403W
IR425-D4W-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036403W
IR425-D4W-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036402W
IR425-D4W-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036402W
IR425-D6-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036406
IR425-D6-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B71036407
IR425-D6-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036407
IR425-D6W-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0...300V B91036406W
IR426-D47-2 DC/AC 42...62 Hz 0...132V B71016307
IR426-D47-2 DC/AC 42...62 Hz 0...132V B91016307
IR427-2 A-ISOMETER AC 70...264 V B72075300
IR427-2 A-ISOMETER AC 70...264 V B92075300
IR427-LD ISOMETER AC 70...264 V B72075303
IR450R-4 UN: AC45...420HZ / 0-276V B91016029
IR450RT-4 UN: AC45...420Hz / 0-276V B91016029T
IR450Y-4921 UN: AC45...420HZ / 0-276V B91016034
IR450YA-4 UN: AC45...420HZ / 0-276V B91016036
IR450YR-4 UN: AC45...420Hz / 0-276V B91016030
IR450YR-421 UN: AC45...420HZ / 0-276V B91016033
IR450YW-4921 UN: AC45...420Hz / 0-276V B91016034W
IR470-710 AC0-264V / US: AC230V A-ISOM. B92016007
IR470LY2-40 AC/3(N)AC0-575V B91048050
IR470LY2-4021 AC/3(N)AC0-575V B91048056
IR470LY2-4061 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048052
IR470LY2-409 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048053
IR470LY2-60 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048010
IR470LY2-6013 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048013
IR470LY2-6015 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048009
IR470LY2-6021 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048014
IR470LY2-6023 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048055
IR470LY2-60DB AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048029
IR470LY2T-6013 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048013T
IR470LY2W-4061 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048052W
IR470LY-40 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048007
IR470LY-4011 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048012
IR470LY-4012 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048002
IR470LY-4013 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048011
IR470LY-4015 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048008
IR470LY-4016 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048018
IR470LY-4017 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048017
IR470LY-4018 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048024
IR470LY-4021 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048006
IR470LY-4023 B91048026
IR470LY-4090 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048015
IR470LYRB-40 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048007RB
IR470LYRB-4015 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048008RB
IR470LYRB-4016 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048018RB
IR470LYRB-4021 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048006RB
IR470LYT2-6021 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048014T
IR470LYT-40 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048007T
IR470LYT-4013 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048011T
IR470LYT-4018 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048024T
IR470LYT-4021 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048006T
IR470LYT-4090 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048015T
IR470LYT-4091 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048028
IR470LYTRB-4013 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048011TRB
IR470LYW-40 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048007W
IR470LYW-4013 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048011W
IR470LYW-4018 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048024W
IR470LYW-4021 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048006W
IR474LY-421 3AC0-793V/DC0-480V B91068094
IR474LY-4921 3AC0-793V/DC0-480V B91068103
IR475LY-4 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068038
IR475LY-413 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068041
IR475LY-415 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068042
IR475LY-416 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068047
IR475LY-417 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068043
IR475LY-418 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068070
IR475LY-421 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068037
IR475LY-423 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068044
IR475LYRB-4 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068038RB
IR475LYT-4 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068038T
IR475LYT-413 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068041T
IR475LYT-421 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068037T
IR475LYT-421 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V. B91068045
IR475LYT-423 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068044T
IR475LYT-429 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068046
IR475LYT-4921 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068097T
IR475LYW-4 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068038W
IR475YM-4 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068095
IR475YM-421 3AC/AC 0-793V/DC0-480V B91068063
IR478LY-4 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048021
IR478LY-415 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048019
IR478LY-416 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048020
IR478LY-421 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048022
IR478LY-423 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048023
IR478LY-47 AC/3(N)AC0-690V B91048054
IR478LY-493 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048048
IR478LYZ-4 AC/3(N)AC0-690V B91048051
IR478LYZ-416 AC/3(N)AC0-793V B91048030
IR485P-421 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068098
IR485P-4921 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068120
IR485P-495 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068122
IR486P-421 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068099
IR486P-496 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068123
IR486PW-49321 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068132W
IR488-421 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068125
IR685-421 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068124
IR685S-421 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068119
IRD201M 3 AC 0-220V/AC 42-220V B915564
IRD201M 3AC 0-230V/AC220-500V B915563
IRD251LYX 3 AC0-220V/US42-230V B914584
IRD251MYX 3AC 0-220V/US42-230V B914585
IRD251MYX 3AC0-230V/DC10,2-80V B914350
IRDH275-415 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065110
IRDH275-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065106
IRDH275-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065108
IRDH275-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065104
IRDH275-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065100
IRDH275-49327 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065121
IRDH275-49327 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065137
IRDH275-49335 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065127
IRDH275-49335DB 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065103
IRDH275B-135 3(N)AC0-50V/DC0-50V B91065138
IRDH275B-415 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065124
IRDH275B-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065122
IRDH275B-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065109
IRDH275B-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065105
IRDH275B-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065101
IRDH275B-49327 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065129
IRDH275B-49335 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065123
IRDH275BM-727 AC0-460Hz/DC 0-7,2KV B91065120
IRDH275BMW-727 AC0-460Hz/DC 0-7,2KV B91065120W
IRDH275B-R427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065114
IRDH275B-R435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065113
IRDH275BU-627 AC0-460Hz/DC 0-3,6KV B91065116
IRDH275BU-635 AC0-460Hz/DC 0-3,6KV B91065111
IRDH275BW-4135 3(N)AC0-70V/DC0-70V B91065118W
IRDH275BW-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065122W
IRDH275BW-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065109W
IRDH275BW-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065105W
IRDH275BW-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065101W
IRDH275U-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065102
IRDH275W-415 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065110W
IRDH275W-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065106W
IRDH275W-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065108W
IRDH275W-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065104W
IRDH275W-428 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065128W
IRDH275W-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065100W
IRDH275W-4925 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065126W
IRDH275W-49335DB 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065103W
IRDH375-415 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065003
IRDH375-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065008
IRDH375-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065001
IRDH375-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065002
IRDH375-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065000
IRDH375B-415 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065007
IRDH375B-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065009
IRDH375B-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065005
IRDH375B-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065006
IRDH375B-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065004
IRDH375BW-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065005W
IRDH375BW-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065006W
IRDH375BW-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065004W
IRDH375-UFDK 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065011W
IRDH375W-4227 3(N)AC/DC0-150V B91065008W
IRDH375W-425 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065001W
IRDH375W-427 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065002W
IRDH375W-435 3(N)AC0-793V/DC0-650V B91065000W
IRDH575B1-4227 3(N)AC/DC20-150V B91065505
IRDH575B1-4235 3(N)AC/DC20-150V B91065504
IRDH575B1-42435 3(N)AC/DC20-286V B91065507
IRDH575B1-427 3(N)AC/DC20-575V B91065502
IRDH575B1-435 3(N)AC/DC20-575V B91065500
IRDH575B1W-4227 3(N)AC/DC20-150V B91065505W
IRDH575B1W-4235 3(N)AC/DC20-150V B91065504W
IRDH575B1W-427 3(N)AC/DC20-575V B91065502W
IRDH575B1W-435 3(N)AC/DC20-575V B91065500W
IRDH575B2-427 3(N)AC340-760V,DC340-575V B91065506
IRDH575B2-435 3(N)AC340-760V,DC340-575V B91065503
IRDH575B2W-435 3(N)AC340-760,DC340-575V B91065503W
IRDH575B2W-4935 3(N)AC340-760,DC340-760V B91065512W
IREH470Y2-6 3AC/AC0-690V B91078001
IREH470Y2-613 3AC/AC0-690V B91078002
IREH470Y2-615 3AC/AC0-690V B91078003
IREH470Y2-618 3AC/AC0-690V B91078014
IREH470Y2-621 3AC/AC0-690V B91078006
IREH470Y2-623 3AC/AC0-690V B91078012
IREH470Y2-67 3AC/AC0-690V B91078007
IREH470Y2-6723 3AC/AC0-690V B91078008
IREH470Y2T-621 3AC/AC0-690V B91078006T
IREH470Y2W-6 3AC/AC0-690V B91078001W
IREH470Y2W-621 3AC/AC0-690V B91078006W
iso165C DC 0...600 V CAN Interface B91068175
iso165C DC 0...600 V CAN Interface B91068175C
iso165C Connection Kit B91068503
iso1685DP-425 AC 0-1000 V/DC 0-1500V B91065802
iso1685FR-525 AC 0-3500 V B91065800
iso1685P-425 AC 0-1000 V/DC 0-1500V B91065801
iso1685PW-425 AC 0-1000 V/DC 0-1500V B91065801W
iso685 Mechanical Accessory B91067903
iso685 Plug Kit PushIn B91067902
iso685 Plug Kit Screw+B403 B91067901
iso685-D AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067010
iso685-D-B AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067020
iso685-D-P AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067030
iso685-S+FP200 B91067210
iso685-S-B+FP200 B91067220
iso685-S-P+FP200 B91067230
iso685W-D AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067010W
iso685W-D-B AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067020W
iso685W-D-P AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067030W
iso685W-S AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067110W
iso685W-S+FP200W B91067210W
iso685W-S-B AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067120W
iso685W-S-B+FP200W B91067220W
iso685W-S-P+FP200W B91067230W
isoES425-D4-4 B71037020
isoEV425-D4-4+AGH420 AC0-690/DC0-1000V B71036401
isoEV425-D4-4+AGH420 AC0-690/DC0-1000V B91036401
isoHV425-D4-4+AGH422 AC 0-1000V B71036501
isoLR275-327+AGH-LR-3 AC0-793V/DC0-1100V B91065702W
isoLR275-335+AGH-LR-3 AC0-793V/DC0-1100V B91065703W
isoMED427P/EDS151-461/MK2430/460IP-DEMO- B98300011
isoMED427P-2 A-ISOMETER AC 70...264 V B72075301
isoMIL425-D4W-4 DC/AC 42..460 Hz 0..400V B71036306W
isoMIL425HV-D4W-4+AGH421 AC0-690DC0-1000 B71036305W
isoPV1275-425 DC0-1000V B91065601
isoPV1685-425 DC0-1500V B91065603
isoPV-327+AGH-PV-3 AC0-793V/DC0-1100V B91065132W
isoPV-335+AGH-PV-3 AC0-793V/DC0-1100V B91065133W
isoPV425-D4-4 only in combination with AGH420 B71036301
isoPV425-D4-4 only in combination with AGH420 B91036301
isoPV425-D4-4+AGH420 AC0-690/DC 0-1000V B71036303
isoPV425-D4-4+AGH420 AC0-690/DC 0-1000V B91036303
isoPV485-421 AC0-800V/DC0-1000V B91068144
isoRW425-D4W-4 DC/AC 15..460 Hz 0..400V B71037000W
isoRW425-D4W-4 DC/AC 15..460 Hz 0..400V B91037000W
isoRW685W-D AC 0...690V DC 0...1000V B91067012W
isoUG425-D4-4 DC 12...120 V B71036320
IZ427-D59CBW-2 AC 47...53Hz 70..300V B92075201W
IZ427-D5CB-2 AC 47...53Hz 70..300V B72075200
IZ427-D5CB-2 AC 47...53Hz 70..300V B92075200
LT2005-S Measuring Current Transformer D=60mm B98080101
MED-SET2 B92016022
MK2000 for LIM2000 B92084001
MK2000C Detector for LIM2000 B92084002
MK2000CBM Detector B92084012
MK2000CP Detector for LIM2000 B92084004
MK2000P Detector for LIM2000 B92084003
MK2007CB2 2FACH Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B923814
MK2007CB2P Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B923805
MK2007CBM Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B923813
MK2007CBMT Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B923801
MK2430-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100001
MK2430-11-9 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100016
MK2430-11-ESB Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100009
MK2430-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100002
MK2430-12-9 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100017
MK2430A-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100005
MK2430A-11-9 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100020
MK2430A-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100006
MK2430-CB Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100023
MK2430-Mounting Set B95101000
MK2430P-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100003
MK2430P-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100004
MK2430PA-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100007
MK2430PA-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100008
MK2430S-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100011
MK2430S-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100012
MK3 AC/DC10..30V/AC230V Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B923347
MK4 AC24V Alarm Indicator B923348
MK5 Alarm Indicator AC/DC10..30V B923383
MK7 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100201
MK800-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100100
MK800-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100101
MK800A-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100102
MK800A-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100103
MK800AF-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100104
MK800AF-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100105
MK800AFW-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100104W
MK800E-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100106
MK800E-12 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100107
MK800EW-11 Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B95100106W
MK-BN Alarm Indicator and Test Combination B923822
MK-CAVITY-WALL-BOX-60mm B95100203
Mounting Clip for Housing XM420 B98060008
Mounting Kit-X460-Front Mounting B990993
Mounting Plate for Housing XM... B990056
Mounting Plate for W10/... B92054025
Mounting Strip for Housing X140 B974728
PA100 Programming Adapter B95061050
PEM330 230V/400V 50Hz 5A B93100330
PEM330-251 230V/400V 50Hz 1A B93100331
PEM333 230V/400V 50Hz 5A B93100333
PEM333-251 230V/400V 50Hz 1A B93100334
PEM333-251P 230V/400V 50Hz 1A B93100336
PEM333-255P 230V/400V 50Hz 5A B93100335
PEM533 230V/400V 50Hz 5A B93100533
PEM533-251 230V/400V 50Hz 1A B93100534
PEM533-451 400V/690V 50Hz 1A B93100536
PEM533-455 400V/690V 50Hz 5A B93100535
PEM555 230V/400V 50Hz 5A B93100555
PEM555-251 230V/400V 50Hz 1A B93100556
PEM555-451 400V/690V 50Hz 1A B93100558
PEM555-455 400V/690V 50Hz 5A B93100557
PEM575 230V/400V 50Hz 5A B93100575
PEM575-251 230V/400V 50Hz 1A B93100576
PEM575-451 400V/690V 50Hz 1A B93100578
PEM575-455 400V/690V 50Hz 5A B93100577
PEM735 50Hz 5A B93100735
PEM735-Measuring Case B98300014
PGH183 UC24-230V / US: AC230V B91082008
PGH183-13 UC24-230V / US: AC90-132V B91082009
PGH185 AC20-575V/DC20-504 B91082002
PGH185-13 AC20-575V/DC20-504 B91082003
PGH185-Cable Set B91082015
PGH186 AC0-575V/DC0-504 B91082017
PGH186-13 AC0-575V/DC0-504 B91082028
PGH471 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018004
PGH471-13 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018005
PGH471-21 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018006
PGH471-23 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018007
PGH471E AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018008
PGH471T AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018004T
PGH471T-13 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018005T
PGH471T-23 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018007T
PGH471W AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018004W
PGH471W-13 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018005W
PGH471W-21 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018006W
PGH471W-23 AC20-575V/DC20-504V B95018007W
PGH473 UC24-230V / US: AC230V B95018009
PGH473-13 UC24-230V / US: AC90-132V B95018010
PGH473-21 UC24-230V / US: DC10,5-80V B95018011
PGH473-23 UC24-230V / US: DC77-286V B95018017
PGH473ET UC24-230V / US: AC230V B95018015T
PGH473ET-21 UC24-230V / US: DC10,5-80V B95018016T
PGH473T UC24-230V / US: AC230V B95018009T
PGH473T-21 UC24-230V / US: DC10,5-80V B95018011T
PGH473W UC24-230V / US: AC230V B95018009W
PGH473W-13 UC24-230V / US: AC90-132V B95018010W
PGH473W-23 UC24-230V / US: DC77-286V B95018017W
PGH474 AC 45-400 HZ, 20-265V US AC230V B95018012
PGH474E AC 45-400 Hz, 20-265V US AC230V B95018013
POWERSCOUT 10 - Hosted B95061502
POWERSCOUT 10 - On-Premise B95061506
POWERSCOUT 2 - Hosted B95061500
POWERSCOUT 2 - On-Premise B95061504
POWERSCOUT 5 - Hosted B95061501
POWERSCOUT 5 - On-Premise B95061505
POWERSCOUT Project - Hosted B95061503
POWERSCOUT Project - On-Premise B95061507
PRC487 US:AC230V Control Device B92042000
PRC487-29 US:DC110V Control Device B92042004
PRC487-29 US:DC24V Control Device B92042003
PRC487-29 US:DC60V Control Device B92042006
PSA3020 D=20mm Measuring Clamp B980693
PSA3052 D=52mm Measuring Clamp B980694
PSA3165 D=115mm Measuring Clamp B980852
PSA3320 MESSZANGE D=20mm B980696
PSA3352 MESSZANGE D=52mm B980695
RC48C-935 Ground-fault Ground-contunuity Monitor B94013002
RC48N-935 Ground-fault Neutral-grounding Monitor B94013005
RCM420-D-1 AC 10 mA...10 A 42...2000 Hz B94014001
RCM420-D-1 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014001
RCM420-D-2 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014002
RCM420-D-2 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B94014002
RCM420-D9-1 AC 10MA...10A 42...2000HZ B74014016
RCM420-D9-2 AC 100mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014018
RCM420-D9-2 AC 10MA...10A 42...2000HZ B74014015
RCM420-DM-1 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014005
RCM420-DM-1 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B94014005
RCM420-DM1C-2 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014012
RCM420-DM1C-2 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B94014012
RCM420-DM-2 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014010
RCM420-DM-2 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B94014010
RCM420-DW-1 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B74014001W
RCM420-DW-1 AC 10mA...10A 42...2000Hz B94014001W
RCM420-DW-2 AC 10MA...10A 42...2000HZ B94014002W
RCM421-D-2 AC 6...20mA 42...2000Hz B94014004
RCM470DD B94022037
RCM470LY 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/AC230V B94012017
RCM470LY-11 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/AC24V B94012025
RCM470LY-13 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/AC90-132V B94012019
RCM470LY-13A 10mA-10A(50-60Hz)/AC90-132V B94012019A
RCM470LY-21 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/DC9,6-84V B94012021
RCM470LY-23 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/DC77-286V B94012024
RCM470LY-7113 6-600mA/AC90-132V B94012051
RCM470LY-7121 6-600MA/ DC9,6-84V B94012050
RCM470LY-72 100mA-100A(40-400Hz)/AC230V B94012027
RCM470LY-7213 100mA-100A(40-400Hz)AC120V B94012074
RCM470LY-923 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)DC77-286V B94012075
RCM470LYT-23 10mA-10A(40-400Hz/DC77-286V B94012024T
RCM470LYW 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/AC230V B94012017W
RCM470LYW-13 10mA-10A(40-400Hz/AC90-132V B94012019W
RCM470Y 10mA-10A/AC230V B94012056
RCM470YM 10mA-10A(40-400Hz)/AC230V B94012013
RCM470YM2 IAN2=10mA-10A/AC230V B94012015
RCM470YM-21 10mA-10A(40-400Hz/DC9,6-84V B94012068
RCM470YM2-13 IAN1=10mA-10A B94012034
RCM470YM2-23 IAN1=10mA-10A B94012043
RCM475LY 10mA-10A/AC230V B94012018
RCM475LY-13 10mA-10A(50/60Hz)/AC90-132V B94012035
RCM475LY-21 10mA-10A/DC9,6-84V B94012073
RCM475LY-23 10mA-10A/DC77-286V B94012069
RCM475LY-71 6-600mA/AC230V B94012052
RCM475LY-7113 6-600mA/AC90-132V B94012053
RCM475LY-7121 6-600mA/DC9,6-84V B94012070
RCM475LYW 10mA-10A/AC230V B94012018W
RCM475LYW-13 10mA-10A/AC90-132V B94012035W
RCM475LYW-23 10mA-10A/DC77-286V B94012069W
RCM475YM2 IAN1=10mA-10A/AC230V B94012016
RCMA126P1-S B94042085
RCMA176P2-S B94042084
RCMA177P2-S B94042088
RCMA178P-S B94042090
RCMA278P-S (SMA 33-5307) B94042095
RCMA420-D-1 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B74043001
RCMA420-D-1 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B94043001
RCMA420-D-2 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B74043002
RCMA420-D-2 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B94043002
RCMA420-DM-1 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B74043003
RCMA420-DM-1 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B94043003
RCMA420-DM1C-1 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 10-500mA B74043005
RCMA420-DM1C-1 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 10-500mA B94043005
RCMA420-DM1C-2 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 10-500mA B74043010
RCMA420-DM1C-2 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 10-500mA B94043010
RCMA420-DM-2 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B74043008
RCMA420-DM-2 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 10..500mA B94043008
RCMA421H-D-2 AC/DC 0...150HZ 6MA B94043019
RCMA421H-D-2+WN-35BS B94043051
RCMA421H-D-2+WN-35BS B94043052
RCMA421H-DCB-2+WN-35BS B94043050
RCMA421H-DCB-2+WN-35BS B94043053
RCMA423AS-D-1 100 mA..5 A B74043045
RCMA423AS-D-2 100 mA..5 A B74043046
RCMA423-D-1 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3 A B74043023
RCMA423-D-1 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3 A B94043023
RCMA423-D-2 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3 A B74043025
RCMA423-D-2 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3 A B94043025
RCMA423-D9-1+W35ABP B94043042
RCMA423-DM-1 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 30mA...3A B74043026
RCMA423-DM-1 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 30mA...3A B94043026
RCMA423-DM1C-1 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 30mA...3A B74043027
RCMA423-DM1C-1 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 30mA...3A B94043027
RCMA423-DM1C-2 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 30mA...3A B74043031
RCMA423-DM1C-2 DC/AC 0-2000Hz 30mA...3A B94043031
RCMA423-DM-2 DC/AC 0..2000Hz 30mA...3A B74043030
RCMA423-DM-2 DC/AC 0..2000HZ 30MA...3A B94043030
RCMA426H-D-2 DC/AC 0...150Hz 6mA B94043016
RCMA426H-DCB-2 AC/DC 0...150Hz 6mA B94043014
RCMA426H-DCB-2 US: 120...240V B94043020
RCMA470LY AC/DC30mA-3A B94042001
RCMA470LY-13 AC/DC 30mA-3A B94042003
RCMA470LY-139 DC 30mA...1A B94042087
RCMA470LY-21 AC/DC 30mA-3A B94042008
RCMA470LY-23 AC/DC 30mA-3A B94042009
RCMA470LYT-13 AC/DC 30mA-3A B94042003T
RCMA470LYW AC/DC30mA-3A B94042001W
RCMA471LY AC/DC 100mA-3A B94042005
RCMA471LY-13 AC/DC100mA-3A B94042006
RCMA471LY-139 DC 300mA-3A B94042089
RCMA471LY-21 AC/DC100mA-3A B94042010
RCMA472LY AC/DC 30-500mA B94042007
RCMA472LY-13 AC/DC 30-500mA B94042037
RCMA472LY-21 AC/DC 30-500mA B94042012
RCMA472LY-23 AC/DC30-500mA B94042013
RCMA473L6-33 AC/DC 6mA / US: UC77-230V B94042040
RCMA473LY AC/DC 30-300mA / US: AC230V B94042063
RCMA474 AC/DC 300mA / US: AC230V B94042082
RCMA475LY AC/DC 30mA-500mA B94042002
RCMA475LY-13 AC/DC 30mA-500mA B94042004
RCMA475LY-21 AC/DC 30mA-500mA B94042014
RCMA475LY-23 AC/DC 30mA-500mA B94042015
RCMA475LYW AC/DC 30mA-500mA B94042002W
RCMA475LYW-21 AC/DC 30mA-500mA B94042014W
RCMA476-33A AC/DC6mA B94042086
RCMB100 B94042097
RCMB101 0...500HZ 20MA/DC 12V B94042098
RCMB102 AC/DC 30 mA B94042099
RCMB103 DC 6 mA B94042105
RCMB130-01 B94042130
RCMB20-500-01 B94042101
RCMB20-500-01 B94042103
RCMB35-30-01 B94042100
RCMB35-30-02 B94042106
RCMB35-500-01 B94042102
RCMB35-500-01 B94042104
RCMB420EC-2 + CT 2 Channel DC 6mA B74042500
RCMB422EC-2 + CT 1 Channel Id=DC 6mA B74042502
RCMB423EM-D-1 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3A B74043038
RCMB423EM-D-1 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3A B94043038
RCMB423EM-D-2 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3A B74043039
RCMB423EM-D-2 DC/AC 0..2000 Hz 30 mA..3A B94043039
RCMS150 DC...2000Hz 3...300 mA B94053025
RCMS460-D-1 AC 42...2000Hz 0...30A B94053013
RCMS460-D-1 AC 42..2000HZ 0...30A B94053001
RCMS460-D-2 AC 42..2000HZ 0...30A B94053002
RCMS460-D-2 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053014
RCMS460-D4-1 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053009
RCMS460-D4-2 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053010
RCMS460-DW-2 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053002W
RCMS460-L-1 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053003
RCMS460-L-2 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053004
RCMS490-D-1 AC 42..2000HZ 0...30A B94053005
RCMS490-D-1 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053015
RCMS490-D-2 AC 42...2000 Hz 0...30A B94053016
RCMS490-D-2 AC 42..2000HZ 0...30A B94053006
RCMS490-D4-1 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053011
RCMS490-D4-2 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053012
RCMS490-D4W-1 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053011W
RCMS490-DW-2 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053006W
RCMS490-L-1 AC 42..2000Hz 0...30A B94053007
RCMS490-L-2 AC 42..2000HZ 0...30A B94053008
RCMS490-L-2-EN60947-2AnnexM B94053021
RK170 Measuring Transducer 0-400uA B98041500
RK170T Measuring Transducer 0-400uA B98041500T
RK170W Measuring Transducer 0-400uA B98041500W
RK450-132 US:AC 50/60HZ 120V B98041501
RK474 Relay Module for MEDICS Systems B92047006
RK474-23 Relay Module for UMC107... B92047012
RM475 US:AC230V Loop Monitoring B97022001
RM475-13 US:AC90-132V Loop Monitoring B97022002
RM475-21 US:DC9,6-84V Loop Monitoring B97022005
RM475-23 US:DC77-286V Loop Monitoring B97022006
RM475LY US:AC230V Loop Monitoring B97022007
RM475LY-13 US:AC90-132V B97022008
RM475LY-15 US:AC400V Loop Monitoring B97022009
RM475LY-16 US:AC500V Loop Monitoring B97022010
RM475LY-21 US:DC9,6-84V Loop Monitoring B97022011
RM475LY-23 US:DC77-286V Loop Monitoring B97022012
S0-Pulse Countrer (quad) with Modbus RTU B93101008
SB146-34 US:AC10-65V/DC10-90V B93083017
SB146-35 US:AC65..276/DC90..308V B93083018
SB471-34 US: AC10-65V/DC10-90V B93083006
SB473-34 US:AC10-65V/DC10-90V B93083001
SB473-35 US:AC65-276V/DC90-308V B93083003
SB474-34 US:AC10-65/DC10-90V B93083012
SB476-34 US:AC10-65V/DC10-90V B93083002
SB476-35 US:AC65-276V/DC90-308V B93083004
Sealing Cover for ALD1 B93101009
Sealing Cover for ALE3 and AWD3 B93101010
Signal Indicator-gn/rt 12-48VAC/DC B92057259
SKS115L 3AC0-793 B984095
SKS115LI 3AC0-793 B984096
SMI472-12 Signal Converter B92047011
SMI472-1221 Signal Converter B92047013
SMO480-12 Signal Converter B95012011
SMO480-1213 Signal Converter B95012017
SMO480T-12 Signal Converter B95012011T
SMO480W-1213 Signal Converter B95012017W
SMO482-12 Signal Converter B95012039
SMO482P-12 Signal Converter B95012039P
Snap-on mounting for W0-S20 B911601
Snap-on mounting for W20, W35 B98080501
Snap-on mounting for W60 B98080502
SP100 DC 24V Energy Store B935700
STW1 B942700
STW2 Measuring Current Transformer AC50A/50mA B942709
STW3 Measuring Current Transformer AC100A/100MA B98021000
STW4 Measuring Current Transformer AC200A/100MA B98021001
SUA143 UC 10- 30V/ 35V B932802
SUA143 UC 20- 60V/ 80V B932803
SUA143 UC 50-150V/170V B932801
SUA143 UC 120-300V/350V B932800
SUA143 UC 120-300V/350V B932804
SUA143W UC 20- 60V/ 80V B932803W
SUA143W UC 120-300V/350V B932800W
SUA145 UC10-30V/35V B93015508
SUA145 UC120-300V/350V B93015511
SUA145 UC20-60V/275V B93015509
SUA145 UC50-150V/275V B93015510
SUA145-1 UC20-60V/275V B93015507
SUA145W UC50-150V/275V B93015510W
SUD487 3NAC400/230V / US:AC230V B92046004
Symmetry Ring for W1...35... B911801
Symmetry Ring for W2...70... B911802
Symmetry Ring for W3...105... B911803
Symmetry Ring for W4...140... B911804
Symmetry Ring for W5...210... B911805
101 L-SL Monitoring Block B984636
102 L-SL Monitoring Block B984693
UG140P DC 110V UG-ISOMETER B916612
UG140P DC 125V UG-ISOMETER B916613
UG140P DC 220V UG-ISOMETER B916170
UP800 Flush-mounting Housing B95100110
VMD258 3AC 100 V B93010060
VMD258 3AC 110 V B93010061
VMD258 3AC 230 V B93010062
VMD258 3AC 400 V B93010063
VMD258 3AC 440 V B93010064
VMD258 3AC 480 V B93010065
VMD258 3AC 500 V B93010066
VMD258 3AC 690 V B93010067
VMD420-D-1 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B73010005
VMD420-D-1 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010005
VMD420-D-2 3(N)AC 15..460HZ 0..500/288V B73010006
VMD420-D-2 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010006
VMD420-D-2 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010040
VMD420-D9-2 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010053
VMD420-D9-2 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010054
VMD420-D9-2 3(N)AC 15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010055
VMD420-D93-2 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0-500/288V B93010009
VMD420-D9W-1 3(N)AC15..460Hz 0..500/288V B93010035W
VMD420-DM-1 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0-500/288V B73010017
VMD420-DM-1 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0-500/288V B93010017
VMD420-DM-2 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0-500/288V B73010018
VMD420-DM-2 3(N)AC 15-460HZ 0-500/288V B93010018
VMD420-DW-1 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0..500/288V B73010005W
VMD420-DW-1 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0..500/288V B93010005W
VMD420-DW-2 3(N)AC 15-460Hz 0..500/288V B93010006W
VMD421H-D-3 3(N)AC 15..460 Hz 70..500 V B73010007
VMD421H-D-3 3(N)AC 15..460 Hz 70..500 V B93010007
VMD421H-DW-3 3(N)AC 15..460 Hz 70..500 V B93010007W
VMD422-D-2 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B73010011
VMD422-D-2 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B93010011
VMD422-D-2 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B73010019
VMD422-D-2 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B93010019
VMD422H-D-3 3(N)AC 40-65 Hz 70-500/288V B73010012
VMD422H-D-3 3(N)AC 40-65 Hz 70-500/288V B93010012
VMD423-D-1 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B73010020
VMD423-D-1 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B93010020
VMD423-D-2 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 0..500/288V B73010021
VMD423-D-2 3(N)AC 40..65HZ 0..500/288V B93010021
VMD423H-D-3 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 70.500/288V B73010022
VMD423H-D-3 3(N)AC 40..65Hz 70.500/288V B93010022
VMD460-NA-D-2 3/N AC 400/230 V 50Hz B93010045
VME420-D-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0..300 V B73010001
VME420-D-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0..300 V B93010001
VME420-D-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz, 0...300 V B73010002
VME420-D-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz, 0...300 V B93010002
VME420-D9-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz, 0..300 V B93010034
VME420-DW-1 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 0..300 V B73010001W
VME420-DW-2 DC/AC 15..460 Hz, 0...300 V B73010002W
VME420-DW-2 DC/AC 15..460 Hz, 0...300 V B93010002W
VME421H-D-1 DC/AC 15...460Hz 9,6...150V B73010003
VME421H-D-1 DC/AC 15...460HZ 9,6...150V B93010003
VME421H-D-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 70..300 V B93010004
VME421H-D-2 DC/AC 15...460 Hz 70..300V B73010004
VME421H-D9W-1 DC/AC15...460Hz 9,6...150V B93010025W
VME421H-D9W-2 DC/AC 15..460Hz 70..300V B93010008W
VME421H-DW-2 DC/AC 15..460Hz 70..300V B93010004W
VMR420-D-1-EL DC 0...300 V B93010014
W0-S20 Current Transformer B911787
W10/600 Current Transformer B911761
W10/600-6 Measuring Current Transformer D=10mm B911901
W10/600S Measuring Current Transformer D=10mm B911779
W10/8000 Current Transformer B911759
W10/8000-6 Measuring Current Transformer D=10MM B911900
W10/8000-9 Measuring Current Transformer D=10mm B911786
W10/8000S Measuring Current Transformer D=10mm B911780
W120 Measuring Current Transformer D=120mm B98080028
W120AB Measuring Current Transformer D=120mm B98080041
W120B Measuring Current Transformer D=120mm B98080031
W1-35 Current Transformer B911772
W1-35/8000 Current Transformer B911756
W15BS Measuring Current Transformer D = 15MM B98080065
W1-A35S Current Transformer B911744
W1-S35 Current Transformer B911731
W20 Measuring Current Transformer D=20mm B98080003
W20-8000 Measuring Current Transformer D=20mm B98080009
W20AB Measuring Current Transformer D=20mm B98080008
W210 Measuring Current Transformer D=210mm B98080034
W210AB Measuring Current Transformer D=210mm B98080040
W210B Measuring Current Transformer D=210mm B98080037
W2-70 Current Transformer B911773
W2-A62B Current Transformer B911758
W2-A70S Current Transformer B911746
W2-S70 Current Transformer B911732
W3-105 Current Transformer B911774
W35 Measuring Current Transformer D=35mm B98080010
W35-8000 Measuring Current Transformer D=35mm B98080017
W35AB Measuring Current Transformer D=35mm B98080016
W35ABP Measuring Current Transformer D=35mm B98080051
W35B Measuring Current Transformer D=35MM B98080013
W35B-120T1 Measuring Current Transformer D=35mm B98080043
W3-A105S Current Transformer B911745
W3-S105 Current Transformer B911733
W4-140 Current Transformer B911775
W465-A26-1 Measuring Current Transformer RCMA472LY B911785
W4-A140S Current Transformer B911747
W4-S140 Current Transformer B911734
W4-U105 Current Transformer D=105MM B911705
W5-210 Current Transformer B911776
W5-A210S Current Transformer B911748
W5-S210 Current Transformer B911735
W60 Measuring Current Transformer D=60mm B98080018
W60-8000 Measuring Current Transformer D=60mm B98080027
W60AB Measuring Current Transformer D=60mm B98080026
W60ABP Measuring Current Transformer D=60MM B98080052
W60B Measuring Current Transformer D=60mm B98080021
W60B-120T1 Measuring Current Transformer D=60mm B98080042
WF1200-1 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080209
WF1200-2 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080210
WF170-1 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080201
WF170-2 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080202
WF1800-1 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080221
WF1800-2 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080222
WF250-1 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080203
WF250-2 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080204
WF500-1 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080205
WF500-2 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080206
WF800-1 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080207
WF800-2 Measuring Current Transformer Flexible B78080208
WL1000-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086045
WL1000-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086044
WL1000-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086043
WL1000-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086042
WL125-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086006
WL125-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086008
WL125-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086005
WL125-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086007
WL150-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086010
WL150-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086012
WL150-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086009
WL150-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086011
WL200-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086014
WL200-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086016
WL200-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086013
WL200-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086015
WL250-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086018
WL250-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086020
WL250-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086017
WL250-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086019
WL300-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086022
WL300-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086024
WL300-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086021
WL300-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086023
WL400-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086025
WL400-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086028
WL400-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086027
WL400-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086026
WL500-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086033
WL500-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086032
WL500-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086031
WL500-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086029
WL600-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086037
WL600-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086036
WL600-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086035
WL600-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086034
WL60-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086002
WL60-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086001
WL75-1 Kl.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086004
WL75-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086003
WL800-1 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086041
WL800-1 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086040
WL800-5 KL.0.5 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086039
WL800-5 KL.1 Snap-on Current Transformer B98086038
WLS100-1 KL.3FS5 Cable Conversion B98086047
WLS150-1 KL.3FS5 Cable Conversion B98086048
WLS250-1 KL.3FS5 Cable Conversion B98086049
WLS500-1 KL.1FS5 Cable Conversion B98086050
WLS50-1 KL.3FS5 Cable Conversion B98086046
WN-35BS Measuring Current Transformer D=35MM B98080044
WR115x305S Current Transformer B911739
WR115X305SP Current Transformer B911791
WR115X305SPWLK Current Transformer B911796
WR115x305SWLK Current Transformer B911795
WR150x350S Current Transformer B911740
WR150X350SP Current Transformer B911792
WR190x485S Current Transformer B911781
WR200x500S Current Transformer B911763
WR200X500SP Current Transformer B911793
WR50X175 Current Transformer B911770
WR70x175S Current Transformer B911738
WR70X175SP Current Transformer B911790
WS20X30/8000 Current Transformer B911764
WS20x30-8000 Measuring Current Transformer B98080602
WS50X80 Measuring Current Transformer B98080603
WS50X80/8000 Current Transformer B911757
WS50x80-8000 Measuring Current Transformer B98080604
WS50X80S Current Transformer B911741
WS80-120S Current Transformer B911743
WS80-160S Current Transformer B911755
WS80-80S Current Transformer B911742
WS80X120 Measuring Current Transformer B98080606
WX-100 RCMA420 Connector Cable B98080503
WX-1000 RCMA420 Connector Cable B98080511
WX-250 RCMA420 Connector Cable B98080504
WX-500 RCMA420 Connector Cable B98080505
WXA-100 RCMS4.. Connector Cable B98080512
WXA-200 RCMS4.. Connector Cable B98080513
WXS-100 RCMS4... Connector Cable B98080506
WXS-1000 RCMS4... Connector Cable B98080509
WXS-250 RCMS4... Connector Cable B98080507
WXS-500 RCMS4... Connector Cable B98080508
WXS-75 RCMS4../RCMA474 Connector Cable B98080510
X470 Mounting Frame 144x72mm B990991
XM420-Mounting Frame B990994
XM460-Mounting Frame 144x72mm B990995
XM490-X480-Mounting Frame 198x72mm B990996
ZE100-500V Neutral Earthing Impedance B98039016
ZE100-500V-60 Neutral Earthing Impedance B98039021
ZE100-690V Neutral Earthing Impedance B98039019